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Our Collaborative Process

Here is a step by step flow of how our Innovation Management platform works.

Step #1
The collaborative is seeking your ideas on how to best implement the Reimagining Public Safety (RPS) plans. Members of the community, government staff and officials, and volunteers are all able to submit ideas under any of the RPS plans. Once ideas are submitted, they are publicly viewable for conversation and review. Submitting an idea is easy -- just insert a title, describe your idea, and fill out a few additional fields to better outline how your idea would help best implement the RPS plan.The idea can be submitted individually, or you can add a list of people that created the idea with you. You can also choose to submit your idea anonymously, simply by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the idea submission form.Once the idea is submitted, it will be visible to the rest of the community, who can enrich and collaborate around it.
Step #2
Even when you don't have an idea of your own, you can contribute by making your other community members' ideas better. You will be surprised how quickly an idea can evolve when community members vote and comment on it.Collaboration can be done in many ways:- Leave a comment on an idea… your comment can be a significant contribution even if it submitted anonymously.- Vote for an idea by using the community voting tool offered to you in the plan (could be likes, 5-stars or thumbs up/down, depending on the plan manager’s decision). Offer encouragement, suggestions, or a new perspective.- Share an interesting idea with a colleague.- Or Subscribe to the idea so as to receive updates and stay involved.
Step #3
Every idea input into this system will be reviewed by the Reimagining Public Safety Collaborative. Once ideas receive comments and community input, members of the collaborative will bring ideas forward to officials tasked with implementing these ideas and plans. Ideas will also be assessed by experts in each issue area and other members of the Collaborative assigned to each plan. The best ideas are challenged, changed, combined and modified as they make it through the review process.The purpose of the review process is to enable the Collaborative to efficiently select the best ideas for implementation.
Step #4
Ideas may be selected as part of the implementation of these plans. As ideas and plans are implemented, community members can choose to receive updates on the process through this tool. Dedicated teams of people are responsible for implementing these plans and you can follow along their progress, this tool also tracks who is responsible for different aspects of implementation.

Watch the "How it Works" video:

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