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CITY - Implement Unarmed First Responders in New Department

Open For Submission


Consider and provide your ideas on the following:
What emergency or non-emergency calls should be responded to by unarmed first responders versus first responders armed with a weapon?
City Council unanimously passed a resolution stating that the City of Ithaca's new department will include a unit of unarmed first responders to respond to certain non-violent call types. In addition to further study that the City's working group will complete, we are seeking community input to help identify which call-types should include alternative, unarmed responders. Suggestions should take into account minimizing the risk of violence or harm to the unarmed responder.

The City will also retain a unit of armed police officers for call types not appropriate for unarmed first responders.

Some examples of call types are included in this document from the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response:
Examples range from reporting assault, noise complaints, animal complaints, intoxication, medical incidents, etc. Please reveiw this document for a list of various other call types.

Some examples of call types are based on Incident-Based Reporting:
There are two types of reports of call types, Incident-Based Reports (IBR) and Non Incident Based Reports (Non-IBR). Incident Based reports are defined by the FBI and are generally more serious crimes against a person or property. For a list of Ithaca Police Department IBR and Non-IBR statistics from 2016-2020, see pages 7 and 8 of this document:

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