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CITY - Implement Unarmed First Responders in New Department

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Describe your idea
Describe your idea
Let's re-imagine unarmed response to be ARMED response and get rid of some of the other dangerous and deranged ideas.
Describe your idea
My neighborhood is not well lit - I'm worried that armed officers might be suprised by neighbors and I wouldn't want any tragedies to happen.
Describe your idea
Ithaca badly NEEDS MORE ARMED police officers!!!!! You people don't get what it's like to be scared to go outside of your home after dark! Try living in brand new housing on ELM STREET being thankful for such a beautiful place only to constantly have SHOTS FIRED! Crime IS on the RISE because of this CLUELESS MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL!!! It's OBVIOUS that we NEED MORE POLICE OFFICERS!!!!!!! NOT a "social worker" to respond with there yellow light flashing on top of a Prius!!! Try living on west hill in the city limits and NOT being SAFE because there's ONLY 3 cops on duty at IPD per shift!!!! It's disgusting what you people are wanting to do! Wait till your a VICTIM!!!
Describe your idea
Police should be armed. The police department should have at least double the numbers of offices. Where police have been defunded, disarmed, and numbers have been cut, chaos ensues: Haiti, or Portland Oregon etc. Everybody sees it in downtown Ithaca right this minute. So, I hope we can at least all agree disarming the police and reducing the police department is a stupid thing to do. If not, my going in position is that the people I am writing to have a mental disorder and can only be dismissed as kooks. Streamlining police uniforms makes a lot of sense. Police are carrying way too much equipment that they only occasionally need that can be kept nearby when needed. The body armor can be optional, the night stick, flashlights and all other gear can go except a pistol, body cam, and communications. The outdated communications can be shrunk down to a wrist watch size item. The heavy outfits themselves should be tossed in favor of a unitard type suit: very lightweight. This frees up police to be agile and quick. To alert the public that these are the police, those outfits should be in neon colors that anyone in the public can recognize. I see for instance the chief and top officers should wear neon pink and the road officers should wear neon chartreuse. This way anybody needing help can immediately spot the officer as the man/woman in the neon leotard. This has 2 important well studied effects. These neon and more societal normed female colors are not threatening. Dark colors like blue and black have been determined to be threatening by sociologists. Walking up to someone wearing a gun and black uniform scares the crap out of people that already do not trust the police department. The second benefit is that wearing much thinner body hugging outfits spurs people to work out to have a better body image. It is no secret that there are some in the police force that do well to lose 100 pounds or so to do their job effectively. Another key confidence building measure with the public is to fire police that cost the city a quarter of a million dollars for misconduct like officers Bectold and Allard. The police will never overcome their terrible rapport and dismal reputation with the public until an accounting happens that show the police are an honest organization. Let's re-imagine the police without Allard and Bectold for starters, as well as any other obviously tainted or corrupt officers.
Describe your idea
In all circumstances the City of Ithaca needs a well led, and sufficiently funded, police force that employs officers entitled to exercise all the powers of police officers under the laws of New York State. Without such a police force in place, all City residents will be exposed to great danger.
Describe your idea
The average police officer in America receives less than four hours of hands-on defensive tactics training per year, and it’s not enough.

There has been compelling data already showing that requiring officers to train in Brazilian JiuJitsui result in fewer injuries during arrests, both to themselves and those being arrested.

Here is a good place to start:

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Force for Change

POLICE TRAINING & POLICE MISCONDUCT - A Conversation with Rener Gracie

Describe your idea
So, the plan directed to a list of call types. Are these call types all possibly to be responded to with an unarmed person? Are you kidding?
I could see each and every one of these going bad not only for the unarmed person responding, but for the person being responded to.
1. Traffic Offense - OK, someone goes through a red light or doesn't stop at a stop sign or is suspected of DUI or DUID, but why? Are they fleeing from something or someone? Is the person who went through the red light angry and armed? And if they are angry and armed, is the unarmed person dead before armed backup can be called for?
2. Property Check - Signs of break in while no one is home or buisiness doors are ajar or unoccupied house broken into... Who is in the house? Who is hiding near the house? Is that person angry and/or armed? Again, no one knows and the unarmed person responding is dead before armed backup can be called for...
3. Traffic Accident - Calls to investigate a motor vehicle collision. What caused the accident? Who is in the car(s)? Is anyone involved armed?

See where I'm going here? When the police are called, no one knows what the background of the story is. No one really knows if anyone involved is armed and/or dangerous to themselves or others. When a police officer responds and doesn't need his/her firearm, that is GREAT, but if they don't have it and need it, that is NOT so great. Better to have and not need, than to not have and need.

This idea of unarmed first responders when it comes to police is not a good idea. Once a police officer has a scene under control, that is when unarmed persons should become involved, not before.
Describe your idea
Since you want to reduce the amount of armed officers in Ithaca, you should consider giving out concealed carry licenses. With shootings on the dramatic rise in Ithaca, people aren't feeling safe. You are taking away armed officers, which is leaving the area more vulnerable to violent crime. Regular citizens should be able to legally conceal carry for their own safety.


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