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Create a working group to design a new City of Ithaca Department for public safety operations

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This working group is charged with designing a new agency custom-tailored to provide solutions to the community's distinct safety and health needs following the passage of the Reimagining Public Safety Plan on March 31.

I am thrilled that Eric Rosario and Karen Yearwood have agreed to serve as the Project Co-Leads.

Eric Rosario
: Project Co-Lead, Former City Alderperson, Philanthropic Advisor, Community Advocate
Karen Yearwood: Project Co-Lead, Operations Effectiveness Manager at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, Former Executive Director of Village at Ithaca, Strong advocate for equity in education
Lieutenant Scott Garin: Ithaca Police Department, PBA (Union)
Sergeant Tom Condzella: Ithaca Police Department, PBA (Union) President
Sergeant Mary Orsaio: LGBTQ Liaison Ithaca Police Department, PBA (Union)
George Mcgonigal: City Alderperson 1st Ward
Ducson Nguyen: City Alderperson 2nd Ward
Laura Lewis: City Alderperson 5th Ward
Travis Brooks: Deputy Director, GIAC, Project Manager for Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) and My Brother’s Keeper Lead
Mar’Quon Frederick: Rising Cornell University sophomore, Political Action Chair for the Black Student Union.
Savannah Gonzalez: Community Activist, New Roots Student
John Guttridge: Business Owner, Volunteer, Property Developer
Amos Malone: Pastor, 2nd Chance Ministries, Community Activist, Human Rights Commission, Southside Community Center Board of Directors
Luca Maurer: Director, LGBTQ Education, Outreach and Services at Ithaca College, Author
Thaddeus McClain: Community Activist
Yasmin Rashid: VP, Unbroken Promise Initiative, Community Activist, Mediator
Amir Tazi: Black Feminist Abolitionist, Publications Coordinator for Black Student Union, Creator of Soul Beginnings (Creative Writing Collective) , Co-Creator of Empowering Blackness at Ithaca College, My Brother’s Keeper Alumni, Founder of MOOR (a small art collective), Rising Senior at Ithaca College

Technical assistance for the working group will be provided by:
  • Center for Policing Equity
  • Human Resources Director Schelley Michell-Nunn
  • Acting Police Chief John Joly
  • Communication Lead Melody Faraday
  • City Controller Steve Thayer
  • City Attorney’s Office
  • District Attorney Matthew Van Houten
  • Administrative Support - Annie Sherman
  • Community Police Board – Shirley Kane & Richard Rogers

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