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COLLABORATIVE - Develop a community healing plan to address trauma in the relationship between residents and law enforcement.

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Consider and provide your ideas on the following:
Describe the actions needed to move the process forward in developing a comprehensive community healing plan. What is your role? Describe the role of community in supporting and advancing the healing process.
Tompkins County and the City of Ithaca should develop and effectuate a plan for community healing that acknowledges past histories and traumas within the community around policing and law enforcement. This plan would lay the foundation to building trust with marginalized communities. The plan will include holding space for reflection, care, emotion, sorting through, moving past, sitting with, or whatever individuals and community members may need in that moment. The plan should recognize trauma held by the community, specifically the generational trauma experienced by marginalized communities and communities of color. This plan should also recognize the trauma experienced by law enforcement officers. Leading experts in trauma-informed healing should be engaged in a train-the-trainer model, offering tools and expertise to community members to continue this healing work long-term.

The plan should ensure meaningful participation by local law enforcement officers, engaging them in the community’s healing while providing spaces for their healing as well. We are all part of the same community.

Marginalized communities should be engaged more meaningfully by government. Government, specifically, law enforcement should engage these communities as partners to build a safe and vibrant community. The level of distrust should decrease which will make the way for more in-depth engagement to lead to greater and more sustainable community impact.

The healing process should be co-led by community members and based upon principles of equitable power distribution and accountability structures.

There would be a necessary investment in resources to lead the development of a plan and facilitation of the healing process.

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