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COLLABORATIVE - Develop a community healing plan to address trauma in the relationship between residents and law enforcement.

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As a resource for creating safer public spaces: The City of Milwaukee put together this handbook for residents that want to reuse, reinvent, and add value to city owned vacant lots.
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Report from the Brookings Institute has lots of great ideas, backed by evidence.

As Dr. Eugenia C. South recently pointed out, what’s missing, from the Biden-Harris administration’s comprehensive plan to address gun violence, is a mechanism to encourage “focused investment in the high-risk places that allow violence to thrive.” In other words, there are community interventions to treat the symptoms of violence, but not to transform the neighborhood conditions that create it.

Image below: vacant lot converted to community garden creating greater local food security
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Let research/data be your guide. Review the literature and evidence related to traffic stops and the incidence of biased outcomes.
Develop anti-racist policies and procedures to remove potentially biased interactions.
Determine, based on available research and evidence, which traffic violations are best served by unarmed officers. Safety checks by unarmed safety personnel.
Improve mediation and deescalation training for un/armed officers
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I think we should reinstitute Talking Circles in our community. I would have half law enforcement and half community members. These sessions would allow community and law enforcement an opportunity to talk about their concerns and work together to build the relationships that promote a healthy environment.
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We should gather people together from different faiths to moderate and support discussion on public safety in Ithaca and Tompkins County.
Gatherings should occur in non-denominational spaces to discuss what healing means from a place of humanity. Maybe we should hold events or ceremonies or readings from the perspective of faith communities.
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Hearing about another shooting in the city tonight. I think it is time that the mayor, county administration, common council and county legislature take responsibility for what is happening in our community. Enough is enough. No one can say that they haven't noticed the increase in violent crime since the reimagining process started. Other communities were able to fulfill E.O. 203 without destroying the public safety of their communities. There is an obvious correlation between the two. I think we can all agree there are areas that need to be improved in the criminal justice system but what the city and county embarked on was not for the benefit of our community. It was simply to perpetuate this notation that this community is so "progressive." It's time to demand that our public representatives take ownership for what they have done!! They are so invested in this process that they refuse to acknowledge that perhaps they made some very serious mistakes. Demand that they acknowledge they mishandled this "reimagining" process.
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In order to address Trauma, it is helpful to look at current science on Trauma. The new book by Dr. Bruce Perry M.D. PhD. and Oprah Winfrey called "What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing", is a very accessible look at the Science, coupled with stories that clearly illustrate the science in personal terms.
Here is an conversation with Winfrey and Perry from 9/22/2021 on the DART Center for Journalism and Trauma Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism website.
On p 249, Dr. Perry says "colonization intentionally fragments families, community cohesion, and cultures, and that disconnection is at the heart of trauma." He goes on to say that the work of healing trauma is the work of re-connection.
Here is a local example of re-connection: 7 months after the murder of DeJour Gandy-Malone, Black Girl Alchemy held a community event at Southside park called Drawing Black Joy. DeJour was a pre-school teacher at Downtown Ithaca Children's Center, and kids he taught, his friends, co-workers, and family spoke about him and his impact in their lives. We shared snacks and broke out markers, crayons, paper and started to draw what Black Joy looks like. We announced our intention to create a mosaic together, at the Children's Center, honoring DeJour, and invited future participation.
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Women and older people have particular vulnerability to violence. Have you factored i. Gender parity and representation of Ithaca's older residents in your membership.... I have no reason to assume you have not, but I have not seen this stated explicitly.
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I really do not know how to measure the extent of this trauma, so we'd need good data about that. I guess the "healing" would take different forms depending on the type of trauma. One example might be young Black men who feel stalked by law enforcement. Perhaps in that case the healing would be a meeting or discussion or activity so that IPD and the kids can know one another as people. It might be important to look at other examples in other communities.


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