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CITY - Name a new department, which may be led by a civilian, to manage various public safety functions in the City.

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The City of Ithaca invites community members to share your idea for a name of the new department to manage various public safety functions in the City.
The City of Ithaca is designing a new agency custom tailored to provide solutions to the community’s distinct public safety and health needs. This agency will adopt and implement alternative response models for calls for service. Under the leadership of the Executive Director, this agency should seek to redefine “public safety,” following the recommendations and principles outlined by Recommendation 1 of the Reimagining Public Safety Report, passed in March 2021 by the City of Ithaca. Community members are welcome to submit ideas and feedback about the naming of this agency through this plan.
Please note that this is not intended to rename the Ithaca Police Department (IPD). Rather, the department being named will include the armed IPD responders, in addition to unarmed and mental health responders.

According to the Reimagining Public Safety Plan,

The agency should:
• Be led by a civilian Executive Director
• Retain a unit of armed, uniformed first responders tentatively called Community Safety Officers
• Include a unit of unarmed first responders tentatively called Community Solutions Officers
• Focus on crime prevention, investigations, community service
• Align with alternative response model implemented following for crisis intervention and wraparound health and human services delivery (next recommendation)
• Seek a broader, more diverse workforce that better reflects the diversity of the community; recruit individuals who are driven to protect and serve, but may not currently consider entering the law enforcement profession
• Open more consistent lines of collaboration with other human service providers that are reluctant to engage with armed uniformed officers
• Require retraining and expectation shifts for local dispatchers so that they can effectively dispatch multiple tiers of calls based on available response types.
• Retrain the community on how to best use 9-1-1 and other reporting systems that initiate law enforcement and alternative responses
• Institute ongoing culturally responsive community engagement activities that rebuild trust with community
• Redesign uniforms for officers and vehicles, issue more welcoming agency brand
• Take a leadership role in the implementation of a Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program

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