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Bicycle inspection made available (all sizes), and registry with the City (voluntary, with safety training). Maybe even skateboard registration and demonstrations at the skate park.

A map of parks at Stewart park with idiogrammed traffic flow and permitted parking areas. Especially during the summer.

Fix the potholes.
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Report on 60 minutes makes it look like things are working, esp. the mental health response team
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I don't think we need armed officers for noise complaints
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Why do you not have a box for Arabs, Muslims, North Africans? Why don't you celebrate EID during the SCHOOL YEAR? You had 20 years to learn about us but you actually erase us and call us crazy when we are brutalized What kind of group is this?????? Just for Blacks?
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Another shooting in the city. Our local media are refusing to even publish stories on these events now. I fear it is going to take an innocent bystander to get injured during one of these shootings for our elected officials to get off their ass and acknowledge they screwed up. The blood will be on your hands. All of you behind this reimagining process. This could have been done in a more productive way! Acknowledge your mistakes before it is too late.
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The public should know each of their police and the police should know every member of the public. It shouldn't fall to the Villages to pay for this type of policing support. The cost should be spread throughout the county.
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If you are a community member interested in volunteering for the Reimagining Public Safety Collaborative log into this site and click the "Join the Team" button on this idea.
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I feel that we need more armed POLICE. I think that the Ithaca Of City Mayor has lost his mind as well as Tompkins County Legislators.
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There are several advisory boards that have similar functions for the City, County, CJC, etc. - We should better focus ideas of advisory boards so we're not duplicating efforts.

We would want these advisory boards (consolidated) to include community members, make recommendations to elected bodies, have authority on policy decisions, and center the populations that they are serving who are often marginalized and work with our law enforcement professionals and communities.

This would reduce bureacracy and amount of work it would take to make policy recommendations and changes.

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